This love month, the University website will be featuring Silliman couples whose love stories began and grew in the campus by the sea. We start off with two faculty members: Biology Department's Mr. Leandro Cabrera (click here for Mr. Cabrera's Colleague of the Week feature: and Chemistry Department's Ms. Camille Marie Enopia. 

Mr. Cabrera graduated in Silliman with a BS Biology degree in 2011 and MS Biology in 2015. Ms. Enopia, on the other hand, earned her BS Chemistry in 2010 and MS Chemistry in 2013. Both are full-time employees in the University for three years now. Both are fully in love with each for almost eight years now. Wait, there's more: Mr. Cabrera is Ms. Enopia's first boyfriend, and Ms. Enopia is Mr. Cabrera's first grilfriend as well.

Now, in a he-said-she-said kind of way, let's find out how this fun and loving couple met each other and how their love story moved from the Luce Auditorium backstage to a solid long-term relationship they now have. 

Relationship anniversary: October 2009

How did you meet?

He said: SILLIMAN PERFORMS 2009. The SU Concert Band (which I am a member of) and KAHAYAG Dance Troupe (which Camille is a member of) performed together. We met backstage.

She said: Backstage, Luce Auditorium during preparations for Silliman Performs 2009.

How did you know that the other person was “the one”?

He said: There is a never-ending spark 24/7 in her eyes?

She said: Everything he does makes me kilig.

Describe your relationship in three words.

He said: Love bears everything.

She said: Am the boss, joke!

What do you call the other person? (Term of endearment, if any)

He said: Boss

She said: Babe the baboy

What do you love best about the other person?

He said: Her gorgeous eyes.

She said: He is so funny.

What makes the other person laugh?

He said: Uhmmm jokes of any color.

She said: [When he is being tickled] 

What makes the other person cry?

He said: Street dwellers.

She said: Korean movie (Wind Struck) with a Spanish subtitle…and the movie trailer of "A Dog's Purpose’"(Trailer pa lang na – gihilakan na!!)

As a couple, what is your favorite hang-out place in the University?

He said: Anywhere beside her.

She said: Streets of the campus.

What song best describes your relationship?

He said: Better When We’re Together

She said: You Stole My Heart Away by Big Mountain

What one thing would people be interested to know about your relationship?

He said: She is my first uyab.

She said: He’s my first uyab.

How do you manage the tough times?

He said: Praying for guidance and eating out afterwards. Do not make decisions when angry or hungry.

She said: Manage it by being tougher…and by prayers.

How did you keep the “spark” after all these years?

He said: Time with each other is very important.

She said: We never stopped making each other laugh.

What is your idea of a family?

He said: Father, mother, kids, and dogs.

She said: Christ-centered.

What is the greatest lesson you have learned from/with the other person?

He said: Give and take. Di pwede give ng give OR take ng take.

She said: Take turns. Di pwedeng sabay magalit.

What is your Valentine’s message for the other person?

He said: Happy Valentine's!

She said: Happy Valentine's din.