The Silliman University College of Law clinched the Best Speaker Award in the Grand Law Debate against University of San Carlos (USC) School of Law and Governance on the proposition: “Resolved: That the Philippines Adopt a Federal Form of Government”.

Freshman Juris Doctor (JD) student Kimberly Mil Giuliana Flores, the affirmative practicability speaker, was declared Best Speaker; while USC’s negative beneficiality speaker, Justin Nicol B. Gular, bagged the Best Debater Award. USC’s Ranielle Marie G. Cagang received the Best Rebuttal Speaker Award.

Since it was a friendly debate, no team was declared as winner. Participants of the debate, which was in Oxford-Oregon format, were the following:

SU Law Debaters
James Shemron Corro
Christal Faith Javier
Kimberly Mil Giuliana Flores
Marvilie Serna
Edcarl Cagandahan (Team Manager)
Micah Stefan Dagaerag (Coach)

USC School of Law and Governance Debaters
John Arjie T. Alo
Justin Nicol B. Gular
Ralph Rodulfus P. Gonzales
Ranielle Marie G. Cagang
Atty. Bretch Largo (Team Manager/Coach)

The Grand Law Debate is an annual event organized by the Silliman University College of Law Oratorical and Debating Club.